Ludwig Van Beethoven: The Innovative Spark Essay

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Ludwig Van Beethoven: The Innovative Spark
Within the tradition of societies music has always played an important role in shaping and depicting the different changes that occur throughout history. Music is something that transcends to the hearts of many. Ludwig Van Beethoven is a key composer who has moved past the classical and influenced a new realm of music. When something that is regarded as different is created, its level of appreciation may or may not be heightened. Given its unfamiliarity it can receive an influx of criticism. However, with Beethoven we see that his movement of change is praised and serves as a guide for many composers and even artists today. That is why it is vital to return to the past to appreciate the present. Ludwig Van Beethoven symbolizes the
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At this time the enlightenment and the new idea of freedom and liberty were simultaneously occurring as music was being produced. It is highly important to take note that this political and cultural movement was heavily influencing music at the time. While rebellions to break social and political barriers were occurring, Beethoven was creating his own way to revolutionize the construction of music. He explored different routes to move past classical music. In the beginning of his training he “scrupulously conformed to custom”, limiting him to construct his sonatas in three movements. (D’indy 43) According to D’indy he states that a sonata is a form of composition built by three or four pieces of contrasted type. (43) This was the traditional structure of a Sonata and Beethoven sought to deviate from this classic formula. At the start of 1801, which can be called “Beethoven’s second period” he abandons these rules and creates his own. (D’indy 44) Beethoven’s notorious polyphonic sound starts to emerge during this second period as a result of his influence to depict emotion in his music. (D’indy