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Tutor Assessment Feedback Form

Learner Name:Luke Nash
Tutor Name: Anita Price
Course code: F309/M101
Programme: Principles of Business and Administration
Programme start date: 22/10/2014
Expected end date:22/04/2015
Time spent with learner on this occasion: Hr: Min:30
Cumulative time spent with this learner: Hr:2 Min:05
Unit 1: Principles of personal responsibilities and working in a business environment
Assessment Type: Assessment of evidence
Status: Unit one Achieved
Currently on target: Yes
Next unit due to be submitted before: 17/12/2014

Hi Luke,

Thank you for submitting your Unit 1 for assessment. You have produced an excellent assessment, demonstrating an in depth knowledge and understanding of this unit. Please read my feedback, paying particular attention to any highlighted areas of text.

Section 1 – Know the employment rights and responsibilities of the employee and employer

Q1 – You have correctly identified four main points that would be included in a contract of employment.

Q2a & Q2b – You successfully listed three key points of legislation that affect both employers and employees in a business environment.

Q3 – You clearly identified at least two internal and two external sources of information for an individual to find information on employment rights and responsibilities.

Q4 – You concisely described how representative bodies can support employees.

Q5 – You briefly described employer and employee responsibilities for equality and diversity and provided at least two employer responsibilities and two employee responsibilities.

Q6 – Finally, you briefly explained the benefits of making sure equality and diversity procedures are followed in a business environment by including a benefit for each of the following: the employer, the employee, the overall organisation.

Well done on successfully completing Section 1 of this assessment.

Section 2 – All about health, safety and security

Q1a & Q1b – You have correctly identified employer and employee responsibilities for health, safety and security.

Q2 – You have also clearly explained the purpose of following health, safety and security procedures in a business environment.

Q3 – Finally, you correctly described three ways of maintaining a safe and secure business environment.

Well done on successfully completing Section 2 of this assessment.

Section 3 – Communicating effectively with others

Q1 – You have clearly described different methods of communication including two verbal, two non-verbal and two written methods of communication.

Q2 – You have explained how to choose the most appropriate method of communication to meet your needs and the needs of others using two specific examples which you fully completed.

Q3 – Finally, you correctly described at least two ways of actively listening.

Well done on successfully completing Section 3 of this assessment.

Section 4 – Working with others

Q1 – You correctly explained the purpose of agreeing standards for your own work by giving at least two reasons.

Q2 – You also provided a good explanation of the purpose of taking on new challenges and being able to adapt to change at work.

Q3 – Finally, you clearly explained the purpose of treating others with honesty and consideration.

Well done on successfully completing Section 4 of this assessment.

Section 5 – Planning your own work

Q1 – Firstly, you explained the purpose of meeting work standards and deadlines when completing tasks in a business environment.

Q2 –…