Lunch at Subway Essay

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September 26, 2013
Donna Johnson
English V01A
Assignment #2

Having Lunch at Subway A good chain restaurant should be consistent with everything in each outlet. Subway is no exception. Going to each store should be the same experience as any other. From the cleanliness each store to the flavors of the sandwich when it’s done exactly the way you like it, consistency should be key in a truly successful chain. When choosing a place that is reliable, Subway is a generally a good value and offers healthier options than other fast food chains.
At the entrance of the Subway store at the corner of Thompson Blvd. and Borchard Rd. in Ventura, there are several round concrete table/bench combinations on a shaded patio. As you enter the restaurant, it is largely brass, wood and tile, with two rows of booths in the center of the dining floor and tables and chairs lining the windowed exterior of the restaurant for patrons. Its colors are greens and yellows, and there are posters and ads for new items on the walls and the counters, which is somewhat overwhelming. The floor is tile, with lots of windows and the overall tone is casual and light, but a little too neon. There is a cafeteria type line where you would place your order and a large soda machine area off to the left of the cash registers. Your eyes are instantly drawn upward to the enormous menu over the sandwich line. Subway offers a large selection of sandwiches, a couple of soups, some salads and some sandwich box selections for children. They offer enough choices to satisfy a wide range of clientele. Subway also offers the nutritional information for all of their menu items in a pamphlet available for the customer to take with them. A sandwich shop should serve excellent, freshly-prepared sandwiches. The bread must be soft and fresh, the meats and cheeses moist and firm, and the condiments fresh. Subway usually meets this criterion. On most visits, the sandwich meats all look in good order, fresh, and firm, and the cheeses all look very fresh and are the colors they are supposed to be. There are no dried up corners on these cold cuts. The additions to their sandwiches, such as lettuce, tomato, black olive, banana pepper, green pepper, jalapeno, pickle and others should also be fresh, firm and ripe. They offer a good selection and this side of the cold line was mostly organized and clean. The area where they scoop out the avocado was none too appetizing, however. There were used scoops up near the sneeze guard and one sitting inside a half an avocado that looked like it had been sitting there a little too long as it was brownish and looked to be on its way to the garbage.
At the register, the customer should be greeted nicely by a staff member who is properly dressed in uniform with proper headgear and gloves. Again, Subway meets this criterion. The customer is then asked if they would like to make their sandwich a “combo”, simply meaning the addition of a beverage and a bag of chips for an additional charge. There are also different types of fresh baked cookies to choose from if the customer is interested. Beverage stations in fast food restaurants can be tricky. Frankly, they can be sticky, disgusting messes if not kept up with, with straw papers all over the floor, soda sprayed on the grates under and behind the nozzles on the soda machine, and water from melted ice on the ground and the counters in the area. Thankfully, today this station is not. It has recently been wiped down and there is no sign of sticky wetness anywhere on or around the machine. Subway offers two