Luncheon Of The Boating Party Essay

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25th February 2014
Mr Pierre Auguste Renoir
123 French Lane
Limoges, France

Dear Mr Renoir,
Happy Birthday!
We wish you a very happy birthday and would like to give you this gift; we thought this would be the perfect gift for you, as you seem to like to paint yellow sunhats. We also thought since you like to paint outside this hat would protect you from the glare of the sun we understand that you might not be aware of skin cancer. It is an awful, fateful disease that we would not like you to suffer from.
As part of our year 10 Art class curriculum, we have focused on your collection of works and have found them intriguing and inspiring. You have motivated not only us but also many other classmates to start painting in the impressionist style. The painting that has truly captured our attention is, “Luncheon Of The Boating Party”.
We like how you have created a strong composition with the subjects and colours in this painting; in particular we see your love for the golden and yellow tones reflected throughout the piece. Your ability to capture delicate light demonstrates your natural talent with the brush. The fact that you have balanced your brushwork with purposeful light, flickering strokes as well as thickly applied paint proves this point. When viewing your light brush-strokes; it’s as if colours seem to glisten and sparkle with your talent.
Your choice of four golden, yellow hats not only show your love for the colour but also purposefully guide our eyes around the piece;…