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causes of Lung cancer

Cancer is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the body. There are many types of cancer such as breast cancer, skin cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, etc. ("Causes of Lung Cancer") Many people die from cancer every year, but there are also many survivors, too. Lung cancer is the main cause of cancer death in the United States. More than 228,000 people get diagnosed with lung cancer every year, and about 160,000 die from lung cancer. ("11 Facts About Lung Cancer") Lung cancer is caused by smoking, second hand smoking, air pollution.
Smoking is one of the main causes of lung cancer. In the United States, smoking causes 90% of lung cancers.While inhaling cigarette smoke, it changes the lung tissue right away because it is full of carcinogens, which are cancer-causing substances. Tobacco contains more than seven thousand chemicals. Just by smoking, cancer can occur anywhere in the body. It can occur in the mouth, throat, bladder, voice box (larynx) , and many more. People who quit smoking have a lower risk of getting lung cancer than they did if they still smoked. It doesn’t matter what age, no matter what it can help lower the risk of lung cancer. ("Causes of Lung Cancer") There are many different things to hep people quit smoking. There is a hotline to call, 1-800-QUIT-NOW, or
trying different distractions may also help. Just remember the benefits of not smoking. (Scott 78)
Even people who don’t smoke may get lung cancer. Smoke from other people’s cigarettes are another main cause of lung cancer. This is called secondhand smoking. While breathing in the smoke from someone else’s cigarette, it is like he or she is smoking as well. Half of the children in the United States are affected by secondhand smoke. About three thousand people(children included), die from lung cancer due to second hand smoke, every year. Secondhand smoking is not only a cause lung cancer, but it is also a cause for breast cancer (women only). When exposed secondhand smoke, it is best to hold your breath while passing by. Secondhand smoke is