Lupe Medrano: The Marble Champ

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Crack! This is the sound of marbles as Lupe Medrano won her first, ever marbles championship. Lupe Medrano, from the story, The Marble Champ, by the author ,Gary Soto, is a very positive person because she is determined, she is hard-working, and she is a good-sport.

One reason that Lupe is positive is because she is determined. I know this because in the story, it says, “The target wouldn’t budge. She tried again and again.” This shows how she really wants to win the championship so she keeps trying again and again. Another example of her being determined is because she really wanted to play marbles, but only had a couple of weeks to practice. This means she didn’t have a lot of time to practice, therefore, she will need to practice a lot to be able to win the championship. The last example is in the story when it said, “Yes, she thought, I could play marbles and marbles is a sport.” Then she realized “she only had 2 weeks to practice.” Even though she doesn't have much time, she is still very confident and determined that she will be good at playing marbles. This makes Lupe a positive person since she is positive or determined that she will be good at marbles.
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She is hardworking because she did 2 sets of 20 pushups on just her fingers. That is 40 pushups on only her fingertips! This shows how bad she wants this win, and even though it might hurt she is willing to work hard to get better. In the story it says “... practiced 3 hours straight.” It is important to notice that instead of doing her homework, she is working her fingertips 3 hours straight. Also the story said, “He even rigged some lights in the backyard so she could practice after dark.” It is understandable that she will go out after dark to practice because it is obvious she really wants to be good at it. This also shows that Lupe is positive because she is working really