Lustful, Affordable, and Reputable Essay

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Caleb Abeyta
Professor Ozz
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February 11, 2013
Lustful, Affordable, and Reputable If drums are your favorite instrument, then you may want to stop reading right about here. There is nothing like the smooth flowing melodic tone of a guitar. Its sound is like caffeine to our ears. Many people have an urge pick up the instrument and learn it; however, others are quite fine playing their air guitar or Guitar Hero. But if people want to play them, someone has to make them. Over time guitars have been crafted by many different people and companies. For only a few have done it right. Gibson, Fender and C.F. Martin guitars are the most successful guitar companies today.
Gibson Guitars are the most iconic electric guitars ever made. In 1959, Gibson developed the most sought after guitar called the Les Paul Standard. Guitar collectors view the ‘Les Paul’ by Gibson as the gold standard to all crafted electric guitars. The ‘Les Paul’ by Gibson is a very versatile style guitar that appeals to jazz, blues, and rock playing musicians. Gibson guitars are played by many famous musicians like Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, and the legendary Slash. This shows the high standards and successful level that Gibson’s are chosen to be played by some of the world’s best musicians. As a result of their popular exposure, many musicians choose to play numerous popular signature models that Gibson crafts. From the sought out innovation of the ‘Les Paul’ to the mainstream success with popular musicians, Gibson Guitars land their way to the world’s most lusted guitar brand. Even bigger then Gibson Guitars comes Fender Guitar Company. Fender has sold more guitars than any other guitar manufacturer. They first created the hugely successful Telecaster, but they are far better known for the Stratocaster. Both of these guitars are reasonably priced to give any musicians a chance to play a great sounding and reliable guitar. Fender created the first solid body guitars which became popular for musicians of all genres. For example, Jimi Hendrix chose to play a Standard American Stratocaster, and so did Buck Owens. Both musicians played two diverse styles of music and both used the same Fender model guitar. Fender Guitars were made for all passionate musicians and they were consumed in great numbers to those aspiring and already profound musicians.
One of the greatest acoustic guitars ever to be manufacturer was crafted in 1833 by Christian Frederick Martin. The C.F. Martin Company produced