Essay about Luther: Schizophrenia and Nash

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A beautiful mind is about a man named John Nash wanting to separate himself from the rest of the people in Princeton University. Nash tried to find a theory for everything, when finally at a bar, he was able to formulate a theory based on a women he saw at the bar. While his classmates were staring at this woman, Nash figured out an approach that would work in all favors. This approach Nash said was everyman for himself. With this approach all the guys would end up with a girl. After this discovery, Nash sent himself out to be the most intelligent man, creating a way to crack encryption messages through newspapers, pictures, anything posted for the public to see. Nash was later approached by a military personal, informing him that he needs to come in and crack the encryption for the Russian telecommunication. This is where everything started to go wrong, Nash started to imagine he was a military informant, and began hallucinating all these things going wrong with his “mission”. Nash was very paranoid, always assuming the Russian’s were following him and trying to kill him and his family. His hallucinations became an issue when Parcher (the military personal) began to threaten Nash about finishing his work or else the soviets would found out about his wife and kid. Nash began to act out and his wife began to fear for the safety of her and her child’s life. Nash was placed into a mental institution, where he then began treatment for schizophrenia. When he left the institution, all Nash wanted to do was work, but he felt his medication was getting in the way of him finishing his work so he stopped taking it.…