Luxury Brand Strategy of Louis Vuitton Essay

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Luxury Brand Strategy of Louis Vuitton

* Graduate School of Commerce, Waseda University Tokyo, Japan,

Abstract: By systematically breaking down th e strategy of the single Louis Vuitton luxury brand into the four Ps (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion), our aim in this paper is to extract the rules or principles of its brand marketing that differ from that of general consumer goods. In other words, the object is to distill the rules and principles of success strategies for l uxury brands as well as to derive a busi ness m odel for success. Showing that the current rise of Louis V uitton is not a coincidence but rath er so mething ach ieved th rough strat egy will su rely b e of in terest to
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In addition, it also operates the Musee de la Contrefacon (Museum of Fakes) located near the woods of Boulogne on the outskirts of Paris, which was fascinating for the cavalcade of forgeries here. The author headed over to Un ion d es Fabricants T okyo, a li mited liab ility in termediary company, to have tal ks with Di rectorGeneral of the Secretariat Takayuki Tsutsumi, which proved to be of great interest. However, due to the nature of the discussions and for the sake of facing off against the shadowy world of organized crime, the majority of what was said unfortunately cannot be committed to writing. PRODUCT 5: Principle Prohibiting Appraisal of Authenticity – Part 1: Second-Hand Store Version The reader must not sim plistically think that counterfeits are flourishi ng because appraisals of a uthenticity are not performed. Rather the opposite is the right thing. The theme of this principle revolved around who verifies genuine articles. None other than LV’s officially sanctioned stores alone verify whether an article is genuine or not. As i mitations are a vi olation of t he Trademark Law and can not be p urchased o r sold, d ubious goods a re rooted out and ultimately the phrase “We cannot handle this at this store” comes into use. PRODUCT 6: Principles Prohibiting Appraisal of Authenticity – Part 2: Mass Media Version


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