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Leadership Team 1 (Luxury Goods Team)
Sub Division of Power
Donatella Versace
Bernard Arnault
Expert yes.she is the creative director of Versace and has brought the brand to the most sought after luxury brand. In addition to the above , Donatella also manages a chain of five star hotel and jewellery collection. Furthermore, she tried her hands in car design. in 2005 she custom designed a MINI cooper cabrio in bright yellow and black color with trademark Versace logo on the seats for the Life Ball. Her famously designed Versace clothing was displayed in a special exhibit of the historical Victoria and Albert Museum of London to be honored for extraordinary fashion success and symbolism worldwide.
High, As a Businessman. From start of his career Mr. Bernard is an opportunist. When he was in real estate business he found a potential for Luxury in European market. Since then he constantly looks around for weaknesses in other Luxury brands and buys them. His industry peer acknowledge this and wait for his next move.

Yes. She is a icon worldwide with her platinum blonde hair, dark black eyeliner with impeccable sexy-statement clothing. Just like the brand’s cloths, she is bold, colorful, powerful and politically incorrect. Her influence is so powerful that lady gaga wrote a song about her called ‘Donatella’. Even Drake wrote a poem about her which ultimately became a song called ‘Versace’. She has been friends with elite pop culture society, notably friends with Elton John, Madonna, and Elizabeth Hurley just to name a few.
Charisma – High
Social Standing – High
Moral attractiveness – Very Low
Mr. Bernard is not unknown to anybody in the Luxury industry. With his elegant personality and noticeable social standing with President of France earns him accolades. However the moral attractiveness is doomed by his actions of hostile takeovers of brands.

Track Record
She has managed the company single handedly since her brother died. She has maintained the company profitably and also created $500 million pounds of personal wealth .In 2010 she earned ‘Do something style award’ for providing art supplies to children and the proceeds went to starlight and ONE foundation. She is also a patron of the ‘Elton John AIDS Foundation’.
Positive (High) - The journey for success started from since Mr. Bernard formed LVMH. Under his guidance the company continues to earn a profit of around €3.909 billion. He is awarded with the following -
1. Commander of the French Legion of Honor (10 February 2007)
2. Grand Officer of the French Legion of Honor (14 July 2011)
3. Corporate Citizenship award from the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (2011)
4. Honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (2012)
5. Museum of Modern Art's David Rockefeller Award (March 2014)
Negative (High) – The hostile takeover tactic has made him “wolf” of the fashion industry.

Personal Qualities
She is fearless and confident with her consistent bold appearance even at the age of 59.she possess cat like state of readiness and not afraid to be who she is only she doesn’t want to be boring. She is also an impeccable businesswomen. She knew when to collaborate with H&M so that she can reach out to younger generation. She also has intuition like a shark. as an example she hired JW Anderson to create a range under versus label. She describes this decision as ‘ it was my baby, Versus , but can’t do versus how I did it 20 years ago. I want a fresh eye to come from outside to challenge me and me to challenge him also.’ She is also known as a strong women and a feminist. As she puts it ‘ sexy clothes don’t only express ‘I want sex’ ,but courage. This is me, his is my courage. You need to confront me.’
High –
Self-confidence (High)
Flexibility (Low)
Stamina (High)
Ability to Focus (High)
From the articles and his actions it is observed that Mr. Bernard is a self-confident person. In the