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Medical Schools - Admissions Criteria
Lisa Wilcox
Rasmussen College
US Healthcare Systems
H200/HSA2117 Section06
Lashonda Crockett M.H.A.
November 02, 2014
Medical School - Admissions Criteria Compare and Contrast Medical Schools
USF Morsani College of Medicine
The University of South Florida has transformed a community medical school, established by the Florida Legislature in 1965, into a major academic medical center known statewide and nationally for its innovative curriculum with an emphasis on improving health through interprofessional education, research and clinical activities. (Http://health.usf.edu, 2014)
The USF College of Medicine, which enrolled its charter class in 1971, was named the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine in 2011, signifying its leading role in changing how medical schools teach physicians of the future. USF is fully accredited by the Liaison Committee for Medical Education, the college awards doctorates in Medicine, and through its School of Biomedical Sciences, PhD and MS degrees in Medical Sciences. USF’s new select MD program, in partnership with Lehigh Valley Health Network, focuses on emotional intelligence and leadership development. The School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences, established in 1998, offers Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and transitional DPT degrees. Additionally, the college’s Athletic Training Education Program offers both BS and MS degrees. Specially designed programs are available, including combined MD/MBA, MD/MPH, DPT/MPH programs and an Honors Research program. (Http://health.usf.edu, 2014)
To meet the growing demand for a workforce skilled in science and technology, the college proves a wide range of master’s degrees and graduate certificates in emerging fields, such as biotechnology, bioinformatics, and metabolic and nutritional medicine. (Http://health.usf.edu, 2014)
The University Of South Florida Morsani College Of Medicine is more than a medical school program. We promise aspiring, passionate students an open culture of accessibility to faculty, patients, and technology through a challenging curriculum with diverse educational experiences. We foster an environment where students realize their own creativity and innovation to make a difference in the lives of patients and their community. (Http://health.usf.edu, 2014) Students applying for admissions to the USF Morsani College of Medicine M.D. program must complete the requirements for a bachelor’s degree at a regionally accredited U.S. university or college by the time of matriculation. In addition, all prerequisites must be completed from a U.S. regionally accredited institution by the time of matriculation into the MCOM. Required coursework may not be taken as Pass/Fail or online. Applicants who are currently pursuing a graduate or professional degree are obligated to complete all degree requirements prior to matriculation into the M.D. program. Applicants for the class entering in 2015 have the option of meeting either the current prerequisites or the new perquisites. Beginning with applicants to the class entering in 2016 only the new prerequisites will be accepted for consideration of acceptance and matriculation. (Http://health.usf.edu, 2014)
Recommended beginnings with USF MCOM class in 2015, and required beginning with the class entering in 2016, are the following course requirements and recommendations:
Biological Science with laboratory: At least two semesters with lab at the college level.
Chemistry with laboratory: At least two semesters at the college level
Physics with laboratory: At least two semesters of basic principles of physics, with at least one semester at the college level. (Http://health.usf.edu, 2014) Mathematics: At least two semesters of mathematics, with at least one semester at college level. (Http://health.usf.edu, 2014) English or Expository Writing: At least two semesters of English courses. (Http://health.usf.edu, 2014)