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Phuong Ly
Adam Sandel
Spring 2013
Me - Asian American As an Asian American, I am defined by two cultures (Vietnamese and American) which have a huge of differences. Leaving my house, my friends, and my country, my family and I have come America as immigrants, been called “Asian American” which means Americans of Asian descent. There were several misunderstandings two years ago when I first came here. After getting along with people here, I particularly understand that knowing my background, and discover the new culture would help me to avoid cross-cultural misunderstanding. By naming “Asian American” term, I’ve clearly realized the different elements of my background such as: ethnic, geographic, and some keys life experience. Therefore, I can wisely combine my Asian experiences that I already had and my American lessons which I am trying to learn in order to be developed Asian American. As well as I was born and raised up in Vietnam, America is where I am completing myself in my attitudes to be more mature. Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world; there are three kids in average of an Asian family. So my family is in average, and I am the middle one. Thus, when I was little child, I naturally fight over stuffs with my sibling, especially my elder sister; my experience of rivals without being together has formed very early. From food to clothing, games to study, we barely shared with each other; my sisters and I used to always vie with each other, and for sure most of the times I was loser. After that, I started going to school. There is no pride if I am not in one of first three honor places. Once again, to obtain the honor roll I had to compete with my classmates without sharing or helping them out. Thus, the lesson that I acquired was I must vied with other to be the best. However, American experience has opened my mind widely while I was getting along with people. What I have comprehended after two years of discovering American people is you should try harder unless you don’t want to be better. Moreover, I distinguish the difference between Asians and Americans communicate with other; while Asian keep secret method for themselves instead of sharing, American friendly partake to help everyone else without hesitating. Knowing sharing is the key experience, I am applying them more frequently in my communication with people. My opinion has totally changed as long as I have been in America. Vietnam is not enough high-developed