Lybia: Africa and African Central Bank Essay

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Do you know the real reason for the war against Libya? face hidden from the ice berg: I strongly recommend you to read seriously what follows.
1-First African satellite RASCOM 1

Gaddafi's Libya is offering to all of Africa's first true revolution of modern times: ensuring couverturecouverture
Universal continent for telephony, television, broadcasting and many other applications such as telemedicine and distance education for the first time, a connection at low cost becomes available across the continent, until in rural areas through the system via radio bridge WMAX.

The story begins in 1992 when 45 African countries formed a company
RASCOM to have an African satellite and drive down costs communication on the continent. Call to and from Africa is so the most expensive rate in the world, because there was a tax of 500 million by cashing in Europe that year on the conversations calls even within the same African country for transit vote on European satellites such as Intelsat. A satellite
African costing just $ 400 million payable only once and stop paying the $ 500 million per year lease. What banker not fund such a project? But the equation more difficult to solved was: how the slave can free themselves from exploitation slave of his master by soliciting the help of the latter to achieve
? Thus, the World Bank, IMF, the U.S., the European Union have dangled uselessly these countries for 14 years.

In 2006, Qaddafi ends the torment of the unnecessary begging
Western benefactors alleged practice of lending at a rate sharking, the Libyan leader has put on the table 300 million dollars, the African Development Bank has 50 million, the
West African Development Bank, 27 million and thus
Africa since December 26, 2007 the first satellite communication of its history. In the process, China and Russia there are made, this time by selling their technology and have enabled the launch of new satellites, South African, Nigerian, Angolan,
Algeria and even a second African satellite is launched in July
2010. And wait for 2020, the first satellite technologically
100% Africa and built on African soil, especially in Algeria. This satellite is expected to compete with the best in the world, but at a cost 10 times less, a real challenge.

That's how a mere symbolic gesture than 300 million small can change the lives of an entire continent. Gaddafi's Libya has cost the West, not just 500 million per year but billion dollars in debt and interest that the same debt would generate infinitely and exponentially, contributing and maintain the system to strip occult Africa.

2. African Monetary Fund, African Central Bank, African Bank

The 30 billion dollars seized by Mr. Obama belong to the Bank
Central and Libyan Jamahiriya provided for the contribution to the finalization of the African federation over three flagship projects:

- The African Investment Bank in Sirte, Libya,

- The creation of the African Monetary Fund in 2011 with a capital of
42 billion dollars with seat Yaounde,

- The African Central Bank with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria with first issue of the African currency sign the end of the CFA Franc with which Paris has the upper hand on some African countries for 50 years. It is therefore understandable and once again the rage of Paris against Gaddafi.
The African Monetary Fund must replace any and all activities on the African Monetary Fund International, which with only $ 25 billion of capital has been able to kneel while a continent with questionable privatizations, as the compelling
African countries to move from a public monopoly to a monopoly private. These are the same Western countries that have struck at the door also be members of the African Monetary Fund and it was unanimously the 16-17 December 2010 in Yaounde Africans have rejected this lust, establishing that