Lying: A Short Analysis Of Annemarie's Story

Words: 364
Pages: 2

Sometimes adults lie to children. The lies and truths effect Annemarie’s story, her relationship with the adults in her life, and on her journey from girlhood to womanhood. Annemarie’s story was effected by lies. She was affected by the lie of Lise’s death. She was never told how Lise died, until a few years after her death. The truth changed her. She had a whole new outlook on life. Her story was also molded by truths. She knew Ellen was a Jew and that the Nazis were looking for all of the Jews of Germany. She hid Ellen’s Star of David necklace and pretended she was her sister to secure their safety.
Annemarie’s relationship with the adults in her life was induced by lies. When Uncle Henrik lied about Aunt Birte, Annemarie wondered why he would ever lie about a death. On page 67, he tells Annemarie, “It’s easier to be brave if you don’t know everything….” Annemarie then begins to to understand why adults sometimes lie, to protect the ones they truly care about. The truths told by the adults in Annemarie’s life affect their relationship. When the adults tell Annemarie the truth, she appreciates them more. Although there are so many lies and truths told in
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She has to be able to think fast and come up with stories to cause less suspicion of her. While running in the woods, Annemarie pretends to be a clueless little girl who is taking her uncle lunch. On page 117, one soldier calls her “an idiot girl,” which shows that she did a great job as a clueless girl. She also has to be a strong, brave advocate for Ellen. She has to pretend Ellen is Lise to keep Ellen from getting relocated. Throughout the book she changes. She goes from young, sweet Annemarie to strong, brave Annemarie Johansen. Annemarie is affected by lies and truths throughout Number the Stars. These lies and truths effected her story, her relationship with the adults in her life, and her journey from girlhood to