Lying to Gangsters Essay

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Lying to Gangsters There are various types of reasons why people lie to others. Some of lie sometimes harm people's mood, whereas others could make people's feeling better or protect precious things from bad situations in a wise way. In my case, I do not like to lie and usually try to tell the truth, but it is not that I do not lie at all. One of the memorable lying is that I lied to bullies to save my money. When I was in high school, I studied pretty well in my class and attended a math institute to keep my grade. One day, I walked down a street to go to the institute and waited for signal to cross the street at a crosswalk. Then, the signal changed, so I was crossing the street. While I was about to arrive the opposite side of street, two guys initiated a conversation with me saying that I was staring at them at the other side of the street. However, I did not stare at them and was indifferent to them, so I said "I did not." and just went into a building of the math institute. As I went into the elevator in the building and was pressing the button of the forth floor, the two guys got on it as well and pressed the button of the third floor, so we stopped on the third floor together. Then, one of the guy dragged me to the outside saying "Get off." After that they asked me for money, but I said that I do not have money at all. In fact I had much money. Since it was winter at that time, I wore thick jumper and hid my wallet in deep chest pocket. Fortunately, they tried to…