Symbolism In Lord Of The Flies

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Stetson 1
Lynda Stetson
Lord of the Flies Symbolization is when you take an object that has a significant amount of meaning and have it stand for something such as in the novel, The Lord of the Flies. The conch, Piggy’s Specs, and the fire are symbols that affect the boys such as great deal that they civilized incented little boys to savages. The longer that they are away from civilization the more savage they become. Symbols are important in the world today, because they give thing meanings. The names of two main characters piggy and Ralph find a conch, and it symbolizes civilization and order. Ralph blows the conch, and all the other children from the plane crash that Ralph and piggy were in, came out of the forest. Ralph is named the chief of everyone and whoever doesn’t have the conch has to be quiet. Ralph takes charge when frustrated and exclaims, “You haven’t got the conch,” “Sit down “(Golding, 102). Ralph starts to get angry, so he tells Jack to sit down. Jack Starts to feel powerless and weak so he gets up and states that he doesn’t care about the conch anymore and he doesn’t have to listen to Ralph. Ralph gets furious because everything that he had organized is falling apart and yells at the boys. “I’m chief,” Said Ralph tremously.” And what about the fire? And I’ve got the conch” (Golding, 150). Jack tries to start talking, but Ralph interrupts and say he’s chief and that he doesn’t want anybody talking unless they have the conch. Ralph still cares for the conch; it helps them keep all the talking organized and is the signal for civilization. The conch started out by being passes around so that everyone could talk, this shows that the boys attitudes have changed and everyone
Stetson 2 talked when they want causing disorder. Once Piggy and the conch death civilization and humanity die with them. Piggy is a boy with reason and wears glasses; at first the glasses were the only way to start a fire. Then throughout the story the glasses symbolize the changes in the boy’s mental status. The boys separated into two groups and the glasses go back and fourth among the two groups. The glasses are what causes the boys transform into savages. Ralph cries out piggy’s Glasses”! Shouted Ralph. “ If the fire all out we’ll need them “ (Golding ,67). This shows the benefits of the glasses, if the fire goes out, they can’t build a new fire to send signal out to get rescued. Piggy’s glasses are the main symbol in the novel representing knowledge and technology as seen when the boys use piggy’s glasses to build a fire for his own group in order to build a fire, and cook a pig. “You pinched piggy’s glasses,” Said Ralph breathlessly. “You’ve got to give them back”(Golding ,176). Ralph finds Jack and tells him to give piggy back his glasses back, but they are broken and missing a lens. Piggy’s glasses represent technology and are a really big symbol in the novel. In the beginning of the novel, Ralph is determined to keep a signal fire going in case a ship