Lyndon B. Johnson and Vietnam War Era Essay

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How did the American culture advance from the Vietnam War Era?
Cornelia Roberts-Pryce
Chamberlain College of Nursing
HUMN-303N-14171: Introduction to Humanities
Spring 2013

* Introduction to the Community: Identify the community you will be using for this paper and provide a brief description of the community. Your community should be the area where you live or the area surrounding your work setting. * Windshield Survey: Assess your community by doing an informal windshield survey. Drive through the area and identify types of housing, schools, churches, healthcare providers, and environmental or safety hazards. You will need to discuss the following six observations in your paper. 1. Community vitality 2.
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The era is famous for its “muscle” cars and free love. It was the time of the Woodstock concert which was highly publicized- the historic field where hundreds of thousands of rock music lovers gathered in August 1969. And the music is still popular even today. A 1994 festival on the same site was better organized and more successful financially, if less legendary. In 1999 a third festival was marred by a small riot. The Museum at Bethel Woods, a multimedia exhibit space attached to a performing arts center, opened in 2008, with the stated mission of preserving the original festival site and educating visitors about the music and culture of the Woodstock era. During this era there was a large contingency of hippies whose motto was “make love not war”. They protested the war and advocated nonviolence and love. By the mid-1970s the movement had waned, and by the 1980s hippies had given way to a new generation of young people who were intent on making careers for themselves in business and who came to be known as yuppies (young urban professionals). Nonetheless,