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In this assignment, I aim to explain two job roles and responsibilities from different functional areas in two contrasting business.

Marketing manager

Marketing manager at Star café is responsible to put posters up on the window to inform customers about the discounts that are available. However in Sainsbury they will have huge marketing budgets to make on T.V’s and billboards etc... As in Sainsbury's there is a marketing department but not in star café. Also, Star café don’t have huge budgets for marketing like Sainsbury which limits their promotional activities.

However the Marketing manager in Sainsbury’s have different duties and responsibilities. Their responsibilities include to advertise Sainsbury's so that everyone is aware of the promotional activities that are available in Sainsbury’s which is difficult for Star café as the budget in star café is less than what Sainsbury’s budget is as Star cafe is a small startup business . Also, the sales and marketing manager has a large influence on the profitability of the business. You have to define roles that reflect the strengths of your products and assign responsibilities for achieving the sales performance required by the company, star café is powerless to do this as they have a flat structure however Sainsbury is a hierarchal structure. When the marketing strategy builds on the roles taken on by the members of the team, they can set achievable targets and take responsibility for meeting their objectives. For example marketing manager at Star café will be responsible to make promotions so that the customers are aware of the promotional offers that are happening in Star café by making posters and sticking them up on the shop window or emails as they are incapable to spend much money on an advert as it would be too much expenses whereas Sainsbury is able to place promotions on radios and TV’s.

Customer advisor

Customer service advisor at Star café is responsible to listen to their customers as it is small amount of customers and are able to cater to all their needs and necessities. They need to care and compliant the customers as their improvements will help the business and improvements of creating more customers.

On the other hand, Customer