Mercedes Benz Marketing Techniques

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Marketing technique
British Airways
Similarities and differences
Marketing Penetration
Mercedes-Benz product is the automobile (cars), and an example of the regarding Mercedes is add-ons for the car like Several companies have become car modifiers of Mercedes Benz, in order to increase performance or luxury to a given model. There are many independent tuners including Brabus, Carlsson, Kleemann and Renntech who penetrate the Mercedes market.

British airways have food and beverage companies on their plane with the British airways logo.
British airways penetrate in the car rental and hotel business by offering whilst you are booking your ticket if you want to book hotel rooms or cars while you are on holiday.
British airways have penetrated the cargo business that take your luggage if you have gone over the weight limit by offering that to customers if the customer thinks or knows it will go over.

Mercedes’ penetrator takes the product and makes it better for the consumer by upgrading and modifying it to make the car more luxurious or more powerful in some cases, however in British airways’ case they have small food and beverage companies that they are penetrating by handing it selling it on the plane if it isn’t included in the service, also British airways hand out car rentals and hotel bookings on their website which is another penetrated market, this could help them make profit, however some Mercedes modifiers have no link to Mercedes so and this could conflict.
Marketing Development
Mercedes-Benz sells cars all around the world; they first started off in Germany making slow automobiles however have now expanded worldwide, across all 6 continents, making luxury cars. They have made factories in LEDCs, like Delhi or cities in Mexico etc and this could create jobs there.

British airways sell flight tickets in other countries to develop their market, they fly from and to countries from every continent, and their market has developed quite a lot because they have over 100 destinations as you can see in this link.

Both the two companies are both worldwide and serving in all the 6 continents and they both started off in their native countries, Mercedes developed their market first however because they were founded in the 19th century and developed around mid 20th century then British airways was founded in the 20th century and was flying to Europe anyway but now are in Asia and Africa so they developed their market as well as time went by.
Brand Building
In football, Mercedes-Benz sponsors the German National Football Team. Mercedes-Benz sponsors Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart and provides the naming rights for their stadium, the Mercedes-Benz Arena. The company also holds the naming rights to the Mercedes-Benz Super -dome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

British airways currently sponsor a really massive event, which is the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAS). The BAFTAs is very popular in Britain and one of the biggest Award ceremonies nationally and can really boost the British airways brand. Also this makes the brand sound more patriotic because of the word ‘British’ in their brand name. British airways are also the official airline for the Wimbledon tennis games every summer and this can get the brand known also because it flies the contestants here to play.

Both the two companies have a major sponsor with British airways are sponsoring a British award ceremony therefore they will be looked at as patriotic and this can also give a good branding name. And being the official airline for the London Olympics in 2012 and also Wimbledon every summer and this is to be a big branded name as they are already. Mercedes sponsors the national team and a club team and also having the naming rights to the 2 stadiums; this is so the companies branding increases and more people are aware of the company.
Relationship Marketing/Transactional marketing
Mercedes-Benz are more relationship marketing rather than