M1 The Benefits Of Care Values To Indiv Essay

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M1 The Benefits of Care Values to Individuals

The Young Adults on a day Trip to a Farm
When taking the young adults it is important to apply the care values in all situations whilst at the farm. Whilst at the farm some of the individuals will have classified information or even personal information that they don’t want to be shared. So it is the care provider’s job to ensure that maintaining confidentiality is kept during the whole trip. For example if one of the individuals has a problem with going to the toilet and has to wear a pad which has to be changed every few hours but that certain individual doesn’t want any of their friends to know about it, then it would be the service providers job to make sure that only the people that had to know about it knew. Also it is important to show respect to that individual, for example when walking around the farm and one of the individuals wanted to go see an animal that was far away from where you were at the moment then it is the service providers duty to take into account what the individual wants and if its practical take the individual to see that particular animal or if it wasn’t practical then politely talk to the individual and tell them the problem with doing that to make them understand. Whilst at the farm it is also important to treat all the service users as it were you, this is called preserving dignity, For example when walking around the farm and having a chat with the individual it is important to use the appropriate tone and talk about their interests, this will prevent the individual from feeling embarrassed or lose any of their self-dignity.
The Elderly doing an Arts and Crafts Activity of Scrapbooking
Whilst taking part in scrapbooking with the elderly it is important to ensure that that individual is safe at all times, this is called safeguarding/duty of care. For example if one of the elderly