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M1-Analyse the different ‘types’ of business information and their sources. Types of communication
3 types of business information
Verbal communication
Parents Evening
Written communication
Ofsted report
Onscreen communication
Attendance and punctuality
Multimedia communication

Attendance and punctuality (onscreen)
Attendance and punctuality is very important in every school as it helps teachers and admin look over and be aware of a student’s attendance and punctuality. The type of communication that is used to present this information is onscreen communication which is displayed on a screen, so it could be, TV screens (digital, HD, Satellite, Freeview or Cable), and Computer screens / monitors, Mobile phones, iPad screens and iPod. The admin department would be in charge of producing this information meaning they have to do it in a very straightforward and accessible way this kind of communication is used everywhere, not only in businesses but in every day life. There are just fewer than 1300 students in the school, so keeping the attendance and punctuality records of each individual student would be very difficult, if it was to be done verbally or written almost impossible that is why onscreen communication is the best way of keeping these kinds of records. Attendance and punctuality reports require a lot of data that is why onscreen is more suitable because it looks clearer as there are facts and figures involved are a lot, meaning they have to put in a very structured way, where it can be well-defined, and it also needs to be given to teachers, students and parents. If they were to present this information verbally it would be very impractical and ineffective as no one could possible remember the amount of information, written communication is better of than verbal in terms of presented this kind of information however attendance and punctuality reports always need to be updated which would be difficult in a written form.
An advantage of using this type of communication in terms of Attendance and punctuality, is that a large number of people can view the records of A&P and receive information from it very easily and quickly, in order for them to view it as many times as they want. It’s also an easier way of updating information as I mentioned before. A disadvantage is that it can be time consuming always referring back to the source of information rather that having a paper copy with. Another disadvantage is that this information is all based on technology, so for example if there was to be something wrong with the computers and it was not working, it will be hard for the admin people to access A&P information, if it was needed at a particular moment. This type of information is very reliable because it is presented properly and very understandable and it is always there to refer back to, if there re any mistakes, it’s very simple to change those mistakes.
Parents Evening (verbal)
Twice or more every year, there is parents evening, which gives teachers the opportunity to feedback the progress of their students to the parents and also the students themselves. This is done in a verbal way; Verbal communication is an act of conveying messages, ideas, or feelings through the use of mouth. Verbal communication is the main way of communicating face-to-face. Teachers must prepare all their information that they want to present verbally communicating it, the reason they use verbal communication in parents evening is because it is a much easier approach to say what needs to and it also a good way of getting feedback from the parents and students themselves, the parent might tell the teacher that they want their child to have more assignments, or that they should have more responsibilities, and the student might tell the teacher how they feel in that subject and if they are handling everything okay etc. This is very beneficial as it’s an easier way of getting everyone’s points across, being able to listen