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The Nintendo UK website is very user friendly. It has been designed to appeal to its large family based target market and each part of the website is easily accessible. The target audience will look for a website that is user friendly and that can also provide them with accurate information about Nintendo products/services, making purchases from the e-shop and also other corporate information that will be relevant to their stakeholders such as suppliers and shareholders.

There are many important factors that an organisation must consider when designing a website in order to meet the requirements of their target audience. This includes: key marketing concepts, advertising, campaign message and mission statement and public relations.

1. Key marketing concepts – A key marketing concept which is important for the design of the website is the navigation of the site, which allows easy access to other pages on the website regarding products and the e-shop. The e-Shop is also a key marketing concept as it allows customers access to an online store in order to purchase Nintendo products and make purchases on games and consoles. Another marketing concept is the small question survey at the bottom of the website page, as it allows customers to view how they found using the website on a scale of 1-5. This helps to improve the quality of the website and enables Nintendo to be able to offer more for their customers if they find that from their survey that need to do so. Having easy access to the Repair System page helps customers find their solution quickly and makes their visit, quick and efficient. This shows that the design of the website has been made for easy access by customers and helps to make the navigation of the site suitable for all ages.

2. Advertising – For their advertising on their website, Nintendo advertise mainly their games for each of their game platforms (Wii, Nintendo DSi, 3DS) as these will be the main purchase for those customers that already own a platform, however there are visual advertisements of the actual game platforms on their selected page tabs which enables the audience to have access to the information for each one. This has been done in order to separate all the products to not confuse their customers and make information easily accessible by everyone.

3. Campaign message and mission statement – On the website it does not state the mission statement of the organisation, as it will be found within their corporate information, however the campaign message of their Nintendo products displayed on their home page, gives an element that you can have endless enjoyment on the Nintendo products and they are suitable for all ages and you can have fun with various games that are available on each different game console. This helps the design of the website meet the requirements of the target audience as they will be able to establish the perception of fun by looking at the main game Mario Kart 7 being advertised as the main image on the home page.

4. Public relations – On the Nintendo UK website, there is a News page which gives their audience access to updates within the company with product launches and also the success of some products within the market. Customers are also able to shorten their search for media information by separating it into a section which is of most interest to them. This is an example of good design on the website for meeting the needs of its audience as it doesn’t exclude customers that do not receive email updates about current news in the company.
The website I have designed, I feel that it contributes in a strong way to the purpose of what the organisation is trying to perceive to its web viewers and customers. The purpose of my website is to provide information regarding being motivated and inspired by what people have been able to do on a scale of success and ambition and it promotes a way of living that has no negative influences, and is driven by positive actions.