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M2 Ms Ampah

During the recession Lambeth academy would find it hard to recruit staff because they will have to budget on wages. It will also affect the remaining staff because some of the other might lose their job so Lambeth Academy can have more money, however this will then increase the staff turnout and affect the education of students within the school. Advertising new products will be difficult and very limited for Lambeth Academy during the recession because they will be less money coming into the school, so they’ll be limited to how much money they use for advertising new products. This will affect the amount of people that know about the new products produced and events in Lambeth Academy. The recession will mainly affect how much money Lambeth academy receives, this will then reflect the wages of the staff, the job of the remaining staff, promotion of goods, and it will also affect how much equipment that Lambeth Academy has.
During the boom Sainsbury will flourish in many sectors of their business for example Sainsbury will be able to recruit more staff in different sectors which will draw more customers to their shop to buy their products. They can also give the remaining staff bonuses and additional incentives to keep the staffs feeling valuable which then gives Sainsbury’s a good reputation this will then increase the ripple effect because if Sainsbury profit is increasing and more customers are coming into the shop It will also increase how much money Sainsbury can spend on advertising new products which will also attract more customers to the store.
During the boom the challenge that Sainsbury has face during the boom is prices. The reason I say this is because each business is going to have deals and Sainsbury has made the right deals to attract more customers to their shop. They’re going be in competition with other shops such as Tesco, Morrison, Lidl etc.