M3 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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M3 Assignment 1 Discussion
Choose a minimum of two disorders from one or two of the diagnostic categories reviewed in this module.
First Disorder
Children that present with problems in self-control and behavior in a persistent, repetitive pattern of a rule violation, who violate social norms and the rights of others, or display violence with intention are in the presence of the diagnostic criterion of conduct disorder (F91.x). Thus, they must exhibit three of fifteen DSM-5 (American Psychiatrist Association, 2013 pp. 469-470) criterion in the past twelve months from any conduct disorder (F91.x) category with at least one criterion present in the past six months.
Specifiers include “when” it began and “if” it is childhood or adolescent type:
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Oppositional defiant disorder depicts an adverse, insolent, antagonistic, and disobedient behavior toward individuals in authority. Those that present as having ODD in the presence of the DSM-5 (American Psychiatrist Association, 2013 pp. 462-466) criterion include a pattern of irritable/angry mood, defiant/argumentative behavior, or vindictiveness that lasts a minimum of six months as supported by four symptoms or more and has been vindictive or spiteful at least two times within the preceding six months. However, children who are younger than five years of age should display such behavior on most days for a period of at least six months. However, the behavior should occur at least once per week for at least six months with individuals five years or older. (American Psychiatrist Association, 2013 pp. 462-466). The disturbance in behavior is associated with distress in the individual or others in their immediate social context, or it impacts negatively on educational, occupational, social, or other critical areas of functioning. Importantly, the behaviors do not occur entirely during the course of a psychotic, substance use, depressive, or bipolar disorder. Also, the criteria are not met for disruptive mood dysregulation