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Exam I Study Guide

1. Definition and focus of sport sociology. a. Sociology: interaction between groups and their inherent cultures b. Sport sociology: relationship between sport and society by examining its inherent institutions (race, genders…) i. “Sport is a microcosm of society. It mirrors our culture” (drugs, women, scandal) 2. Definition of the following terms: c. Socialization: The process of interacting with other people and learning social customs, morals and values. One becomes socialized by observation, participation, and/or reinforcement . *economics affects socialization more than anything* as well as personal attributes, significant others, and social situation d. Culture:
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Being an honor student t. Boys in High School: 1. Being the star athlete 2. Being socially popular 3. Being an honor student u. College: 1. Being an honor student 2. Being socially popular 3. Being the star athlete 6. Cultural differences in the way blacks and whites play basketball. v. Whites: “we ball” w. Blacks: “me ball” 7. Agents of socialization and which agent of socialization is the most powerful. x. (in order) Parents, siblings, peers, teachers/counselors, coaches, mass media, sports heroes. y. Variables: parents interest/encouragement, available youth programs, perceived ability, spouse’s involvement, socio-economic status, power/prestige of significant others, perceived opportunities, physical makeup, psychological profile 8. What causes burnout and dropout in youth sports. z. Emphasis on winning, stress placed on high performance/early specialization in one sport, expense, increased overuse injury rate, alternative sports, lack of trained coaches, early starting age leads to greater burnout, PARENTS 9. What a degree in sport sociology would qualify you to do career wise. {. jobs within sports sociology include academic counselor, life skills counselor, sports consultant, writer, author. 10. When violence is most likely to occur in sport. |. It produces hubris }. Separates athletes from the community ~. Athletes think others don’t deserve their