M7 Nutrition Care Process Essay

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Sara Vitito
Module 7
Nutrition Care Process

Step #1: Nutrition Assessment
A nutrition assessment is systematically obtained information necessary to detect or reassess whether a nutrition problem of diagnosis exists. If so, the problem is diagnosed using a PES statement.

Step #2: Nutrition Diagnosis
Before nutrition intervention can take place, the nutrition problems must be identified. This is accomplished with the nutrition diagnosis. When the nutrition problem has been identified, it is labeled with a specific, standard diagnostic term. The nutrition diagnostic statement is organized into three different parts: the problem, etiology of the problem, and the signs are symptoms associated with the problem. Typically nutrition diagnosis fall into three categories: intake, clinical, and behavioral environmental.

Step #3: Nutrition Intervention
Intervention begins once the nutritional diagnosis is identified. It is generally aimed at the etiology of the diagnosis and directed at reducing the signs and symptoms. Nutrition interventions are intended to modify a nutrition related problem, and are comprised of two interrelated components: planning and implementation. The plan is communicated and carried out, while data is continued to be collected, and nutrition intervention is revised when necessary. Four categories of nutrition interventions have been identified: food and/of nutrient delivery, nutrition education, nutrition counseling, and finally coordination of care.

Step #4: Nutrition Monitoring and Evaluation
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