MAN435 Case Study 2 Problems with John Essay

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MAN 435
Case Study 2: Problems with John
Dr. Schleckser
16 Feb 2014

Read Case Study 4.3 in your text. Then answer the questions.

1 As the team leader, you have weighed the pros and cons of the five options and prepare a presentation to management on how to address this problem. What do you suggest?

As a team leader, my presentation to management would begin this way.

Since this will probably not be an isolated case, much thought and consideration was given to this problem, and how it has and could affect the firm and all our employees. John has had a tenure with this firm for over 15 years, his experience and commitment have proven to be very valuable to the company. Unfortunately, in recent times, John's productivity has
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Let's forecast to launch this strategy in six to nine months.

Talk John into going back to college – informed John that the company has reviewed promotion options and presently no decision has been made for employees who lack degrees. Express to John that it would be very unfair to other employees, in his and other departments, who had the experience, expertise, and tenure to be denied a promotion (based on the lack of degree) and see him receive a promotion without the degree. Inform John that as his friend, I can only imagine the difficulties, challenges, and pressure that he may face while going back to school, however he has my support. We can discuss ways and methods to decrease the stress related workload which he daily faces in order to achieve his goal of an engineering degree. This could only occur if he would improve his productivity and attitude immediately, so the project team and I can support him and his endeavor.

Relocate John to a different project team – based on our previous experience, when an employee reaches the point where productivity becomes low and their attitude has affected project development, we have learned it is best to relocate the employee to another department. In lieu of terminating the employee, we found that a fresh start in another department has allowed the employee to be more productive, efficient, and less stressed. We believe this would be