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Team Marketing Project

Executive Summary
The following marketing plan will outline a clear proposal for a new product line to the Apple Company. Currently Apple’s performance as a leader in the technology world has been a success. Apple is the dominator and now they plan to even target people that live alone. Apples current product offering and marketing strategies have become effective in attracting new customers to its already known brand name.
Apple wished to still be a leader in the technology world and target those who live home alone; the following marketing plan will provide the necessary marketing strategies that will help Apple boost its position as still the
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3.2.2. Socio – cultural
The social and cultural of Australian society is one of the most important factors that should be considered by any companies; when they want to invest or do business in local market. Firstly, Australia is an equal society. According to the research made in 2002 by the SBS, Australians are more likely to exchange culture with people from other countries; this is also the reason why the cultural diversity grows more and more every year. Therefore, the youth is more influenced by various cultures nowadays, and have a different point of view compared with the elder. They tend to spend leisure time on outdoor activities, sports and other physical activities. In brief, they love both playing and watching sports. In fact, around 88 per cent of Australians go to at least one cultural event each year such as film, popular music concert, gallery and museums, etc and more than 11 million Australians aged 15 or over take part in sports. To sum up, Australian society is quite open for every business; moreover, young people will be attracted by new products especial entertainment products.
3.2.3. Technology
For Communications revolution, the remarkable developments in space communication in just three decades since the successful relay of TV signals across the Atlantic in 1962 using TELSTAR, have brought us to the threshold of achieving the capability of establishing human connectivity