MECU Credit Union Of Baltimore

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U04a1 Project – Business Operations

MECU Credit Union of Baltimore

Anna Marie C. Crawford

Professor Tricia Cunat

Capella University

Business Modeling


August 3, 2012

MECU Credit Union of Baltimore – Business Operations

The purpose of this document is to give a detailed explanation of the technology that MECU Credit Union of Baltimore uses to determine efficiency and effectiveness of it business processes. In addition, I will give an explanation to what technology I think is best for MECU Credit Union of Baltimore.

MECU Credit Union of Baltimore is a member-owned (not-for-profit); profits directly benefit members, which mean that higher rates on deposit funds, lower loan costs, and lower fee, so as a member you can keep more of the money that you earn.

As Baltimore’s Credit Union, MECU provides a range of financial services, such as personal banking services, business banking services, and convenience banking (online banking, mobile banking, online billpayer, shared branch network, telephone teller, ATM locations and e-statements)(MECU, 2012).

Technology and the Organization

As stated in my introduction, MECU Credit Union of Baltimore uses several different types of technologies that provide an infrastructure that is well balanced and secure for members and the workforce to conduct business transactions.

MECU looks to provide account information to account representatives and members in order for banking transactions can be processes as well as chargeback. Below is a detailed listing break down of technologies that MECU uses to deliver efficient and effective results for members and account representatives.

Current Business Architecture for MECU of Baltimore

System architecture is designed well and meets current federal and state standards for banking.
Solid foundation using Microsoft .NET Technology
Has it own shared system architecture
Simplified processes over the enterprise
Mainframe Process environment is based on
Decision making is strategic and customer focused

Future Business Architecture for MECU of Baltimore

Business processes need to be time-saving, labor-saving, and smooth-running
Reduce non-relevant processes through the organization
Decrease cost by reducing purposeless systems
Technology infrastructure needs to be upgraded and scalable
Change business processes that are based on the needs of the organization and customer, provide flexibility
Operational efficiencies needs to by improves – reduce risk and errors
IT initiatives needs to have priority to the business requirements
Business processes needs to be harden though more opportunities
Provide better protection for data when accessing and analyzing information assets
Technology of the Business

It is important to know that credit unions need to provide security, quickness in speed and
As with many organizations providing speed, redundancy, security, as well as access are all a number of factors that companies must consider what building their technology infrastructure. Many companies leverage various infrastructure configurations. However the network designs that offer the most security is the three tiers design. The following is a design that provides a high-level network layout:

Figure 1: MECU of Baltimore Business and Network Operations

Technology Best Practices

MECU of Baltimore proceeds to maintain and with the needs of technology that is needed to support the growth f the organization. In Figure 1.0 is represents the current network infrastructure in detail, which supports MECU of Baltimore organizational technology blueprint. Listed below is the step-by-step process of how information and access is granted and transmitted in the MECU technology framework:

The entry point to the MECU of Baltimore credit union system is by the user (can also be known as the account representative) through a secured login (pin or username and password), whish is SSL encrypted on both…