MGMT 591 Course Project Essays

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Effects of Communication

MGMT 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Instructor: Michael Mcgivern
April 20, 2013
Course Project

The organization that I chose is DeVry Inc. Specifically, I chose DeVry’s online student finance department because I am currently employed in this department. I started here as a Student Finance Consultant in July of 2012 and this is my first full time job after college. In my role, we assist student’s enrolling in courses and help plan how to fund their education. This job can be very satisfying yet frustrating at the same time. I feel that it is a great learning environment and overall, employee satisfaction is high. I feel that my
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Although there are aspects of the job that are less than appealing, I think the main obstacle that needs to be tackled is the way we communicate. For the course project I will be concentrating on the communication process that is instilled in this department and how it affects achieving goals as well as employee satisfaction.

Literature Review: The lack of communication that is throughout the DeVry Student Finance Department is an issue that can be resolved, and should be resolved. “Mistakes are common in business and can lead to negative repercussions for organizations” (Bolkan, San, John A. Daly 2009). The lack of communication is not intentional, but does have a negative effect. If not corrected, some of the negative effects may have a continuous cycle rather than being resolved. Repercussions that may result from mistakes made within an organization are a high employee turnover rate, and dissatisfied students. Lately, employees have begun leaving DeVry as early as two weeks of employment. Some employees that have been there longer relocate into a different position within DeVry, and others that leave sooner leave the company altogether. This has a negative effect since it takes time to train employees, and by the time the department finishes training one new-hire group, previous advisors have already left the position. Instead of having full teams of ten advisors, each team has on average seven. In addition, the lack of communication becomes a