MGT/498 Week Three Individual Environmental Scan Paper

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Environmental Scan Paper
Craig Clark
University Of Phoenix
March 9, 2013

Environmental Scan Paper
The environment of any organization consists of internal and external factors. An organization should conduct a scan of its environment in order for it to determine development, and a forecast on the factors that may influence the success of the organization. Scanning the environment refers to the possession and utilization of the information that an organization has about trends, patterns, occasion and the external and internal relationship that are within an organization. A scan of the environment may assist the management team of an organization in making a decision about the future path of the
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On the other hand, the AllPacks Company has a competitive advantage which is production of a variety and all ranges if tires for all types of vehicles. The competing companies produce tires for specific type of vehicles. This competitive advantage aids in attracting more customers and ensuring that they are always satisfied with the quality of goods and services they offer in the market.
The BidCo Company sustains its customers and creates value through better management. The management team ensures that all the activities in the company run smoothly. Through good management, production of goods in the company is made easier and employees are motivated to provide better services and relate well with the customers. Better services improve the quality of the goods produced. This attracts the consumption of more goods and services, which yield better returns to the organization.
The AllPacks Company as well sustains and creates value of its customers through better and more quality production of goods. The company ensures that its products are better than those of its competitors. It does this through production of longer lasting tires that ensures their customers keep coming back for more purchases. This aids in attracting more customers and retaining the existing customers. If the quality of its goods is good, the customers of the company may be used for advertising purposes. This may