Chronicle Gazette Essay

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Introduction P.1
The United States Newspaper Industry Today P.2
Factors Causing the Decline in Business P.3
Competitors Cope With the Challenges P.5
Steps to be taken by The Chronicle Gazette P.6
Conclusion P.9
References P.10

The Chronicle Gazette is considered one of the most successful newspaper publisher throughout the years in New York Society. As a leading newspaper in the industry,
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That’s means the HR is capable of recruit skill workers and good writers to work for the Company.

The decline in subscription affect the income revenues of The Chronicle Gazette. Profit earning is much more less than before but it does not mean that the Company is in big financial difficulties. The Company must invest in new technology to rebound the business.

Marketing team must do a survey at this moment. They recognize subscriptions have fallen by a total of 35% in the past eight year. Did they call any subscriber to find out the reason why. A marketing research and analysis much be done instantly for the company.

For many years, The Chronicle Gazette run the operation smoothly and they have the skill and experience to handle numerous sudden events in before. If the Company decide to set up a website for further business development, it will not affecting or decline the performance of the existing staffs due to advance technology will managed by new recruit professional persons. Providing more training and communicate with every departments can help to solve the burden that obstruct the new development.


As a first-rate newspaper publisher, all their workers are well experience and train. Although the subscription has decline, they still have a large amount of readers. Loyalty had built up over the years. The