The Role Of Nurses In Nursing

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Final Paper
23 December 2013

Nurses are the backbone to all hospitals. They pick up the extra load that physicians pass along to them. Within Renfrey Memorial Hospital one would understand why the work is becoming too physically demanding. Registered nurses (RNs) deliver and manage patient care. They teach them along with the public about the countless health conditions and supply guidance and emotional support to them and their families on how to care and treat themselves. Without the use of registered nurses a shift in performance feedback is sure to happen. Back in the day, meaning 100 plus years ago, women were responsible for nurturing and delivering care to children and those family members who were
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Since budget constraints at the university, nursing professionals realized they could make more money practicing than teaching nursing (Wenzl, 2013). One way to fix the problems at hand that included the hospital and college, the chief nursing officer of Wesley Medical Center suggested simulation training. What the simulation training does is allow students to practice on dummies to get the feel of how to treat patients. A new technology developed in recent years has created mannequins who can talk, interact with doctors and nurses, and graphically recreate many medical situations nurses and doctors in past history could only learn in clinic work or on the job: how to save a person in cardiac arrest for example (Wenzl, 2013). With this simulation training the nurses at the college get hands on training while the staff of the hospital can see new prospects to choose from.
In an effort to fill the nursing shortage, New Orleans hospitals are ponying up bonuses, helping new graduates repay student loans and recruiting workers from overseas (Griggs, 2007). What Touro Infirmary located in New Orleans is doing is offering $12,000 for two years for those nurses who agree to work at their location and for those who continue to stay. They will get $6,000 the first year they work and another $6,000 the next year. One may think this is a bribe, but hey, business is business. The leaders of any organization, especially those involved in the healthcare industry, have to do whatever