MHR 405 SELF REALIZATION Essay example

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CMHR405 - Winter, 2014
Harieshan Kandiah
April 6, 2014

Self assessments have been used widely in recent decades. The usefulness and truthfulness of these assessments depend entirely upon the user. Utilizing a self assessment tool for the betterment of self is the goal of this report. In this report, I have completed 3 different self assessments to analyze myself. The first assessment that will be discussed is the Jung Personality Test. The next one will be the Team Role Preference Survey followed by the Work Locus of Control Survey. Each of these surveys focuses on various behavioural and personality traits. The Jung Personality Test focuses on four principal physiological
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In terms of my personal development with these findings, I would utilize my skills as a harmonizer more effectively to mediate conflicts within my group of friends. Usually I tend to avoid disputes, but now I realize that my harmonizing ability could be used during those times. In my academic life, I aspire to use the findings I got to better form constructive teams to accomplish assignments effectively. I feel that as the harmonizer, I would be most effective in assembling the team and ensuring that the team works together in a righteous manner. In my career life, I will utilize the results obtained to more effectively mediate co-worker disputes as well as to provide a more leadership role within my work team.

Work Locus of Control A locus of control survey is designed to give an individual a better understanding of their control beliefs in the workplace. Individuals with a high internal locus of control believe that events in their life are a result of their own actions, while those with a high external locus of control believe that the events in their life are primarily a result of outside forces (e.g. other people, fate, chance) acting upon them. Prior analyses have displayed a positive association between locus of control and educational achievement, where those with a higher inner locus of control tended to have a higher level of education.