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Question 1.
Question :
(TCO A) Cloud computing

Student Answer:

is the same as e-commerce.

reduces the size of IT organizations.

increases business costs.

requires special software, other than a browser, to be installed on each computer. Instructor Explanation:
Week 1 Lecture

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"Managers that know how to work with the politics of an organization will be more successful than less-skilled managers in implementing new information systems" per our book. Structure is another factor which may prevent the firm from realizing the benefits of the new information system. A company with a formalized hierarchy may have difficulty adjusting its business processes and structures to an information system that does not follow the same business hierarchy of information. Managers and other users may feel that their jobs are at stake may resist. Instructor Explanation:

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Question 8.
Question :
(TCO C) What types of relationships are possible in a relational database? Describe and give an example of each.

Student Answer: The number one goal of relational database design is to, as closely as possible, develop a database that models some real-world system. This involves breaking the real-world system into tables and fields and determining how the tables relate to each other. Although on the surface this task might appear to be trivial, it can be an extremely cumbersome process to translate a real-world system into tables and fields. A properly designed database has many benefits. The processes of adding, editing, deleting, and retrieving table data are greatly facilitated by a properly designed database. In addition, reports are easier to build. Most importantly, the database becomes easy