MK389 Assignment 2015 Upd Essay

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Global Marketing and Communication
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Week 1
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Instructions on Assessment:

The assessment is in two parts:

Group seminar presentations contribute to 30% of the overall mark

The individual assignment contributes to 70% of the overall mark

Seminar activities (30%)

Students will work in small groups within their seminar and make two assessed presentations on their chosen global brand. Further information on the seminar activities is detailed separately.

Final Individual assignment (70%)

The individual assignment is based on the development of a marketing communications plan for the launch of a product/brand of your choice (ideally taken from any of the brands from
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The word count is to be declared on the front page of your assignment and the assignment cover sheet. The word count does not include:

Title and Contents page
Reference list
Appropriate tables, figures and illustrations
Quotes from interviews and focus groups.

Please note, in text citations [e.g. (Smith, 2011)] and direct secondary quotations [e.g. “dib-dab nonsense analysis” (Smith, 2011 p.123)] are INCLUDED in the word count.

If this word count is falsified, students are reminded that under ARNA page 30 Section 3.4 this will be regarded as academic misconduct.

If the word limit of the full assignment exceeds the +10% limit, 10% of the mark provisionally awarded to the assignment will be deducted. For example: if the assignment is worth 70 marks but is above the word limit by more than 10%, a penalty of 7 marks will be imposed, giving a final mark of 63.

Students are advised that they may be asked to submit an electronic version of their assignment.

Time limits and penalties for presentations

The time allocated for the presentation must be adhered to. At the end of this time, the presentation will be stopped and will be marked based on what has been delivered within the time limit.

Submission of Assessment:

All assignments must be submitted via the Undergraduate Programme Office. Each assignment