MNGT 350 Exam #1 Essay

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Test 1
Mgmt 350
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1. "The number of transistors per square inch on an integrated chip doubles every 18 months." This observation is known as ________ Law.
A) Murphy's
B) Moore's
C) Amdahl's
D) Metcalfe's
Answer: B
2. Which of the following is an example of the hardware component of an information system?
A) Web browser
B) operating system
C) microprocessor
D) data file
Answer: C
3. The five-component framework of an information system consists of computer hardware, software, data, people, and ________.
A) bugs
B) procedures
C) device drivers
D) tools
Answer: B
4. Which of the following is NOT a key element of the definition of management information systems (MIS)?
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A) inbound logistics
B) sales and marketing
C) outbound logistics
D) operations/management
Answer: C
27. Which of the following strategies is also called establishing high switching costs?
A) establishing alliances
B) locking in suppliers
C) reducing costs
D) locking in customers
Answer: D
28. A ________ is 1,024 bytes.
A) K
Answer: A
29. Which of the following is sometimes called the "brain" of the computer?
A) magnetic disk
B) special function cards
C) central processing unit
D) main memory
Answer: C
30. Computers represent data by using ________.
A) dots
B) pixels
C) tags
D) bits
Answer: D
31. ________ is a program that controls the computer's resources.
A) Cache
B) Operating system
C) Application
D) Bus
Answer: B
32. The CPU has a small amount of very fast memory called ________.
A) the main memory
B) a data channel
C) serial bus
D) a cache
Answer: D
33. CPU speed is expressed in ________.
A) hertz
B) bytes
C) bits
D) cycles
Answer: A
34. Which of the following is true of a client?
A) They usually have multiple CPUs.
B) They have software that enables them to connect to a network.
C) They have limited video displays or no display at all.
D) They can process emails or large shared databases.
Answer: B

35. For some commercial Web sites, the server is actually a large collection of