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December 17, 2012
The climb
I could go on and on about my previous problems, struggles, and failures as we all have. Yet, I can also go on and on talking about my hopes, dreams and goals. I strongly believe in optimism and am aware of the influence it can have on a person’s life. It appears that we as people share a simple goal in life; to be happy. We all want to be wonderful and change the world. Unfortunately, sometimes along this journey of trying to be happy and remain positive, life throws bombs of unexpected events, physical accidents, sicknesses, endings, new beginnings and so on. However, we must climb to the top of the mountain and keep moving on. Moreover, my main goal is to excel not just academically, but personally and physically as well. My short term goal is to not only increase my GPA but take all of the knowledge I can from my professors. To help other human beings every opportunity I get, whether it’s from crossing the street, opening a door for someone to stopping in the freeway just to see if the person in the car who appears to be having some car problems needs a hand. I find myself caring for other people a lot. That’s why I am pursuing a career in nursing. I admire and respect everyone as to everyone has something to teach and learn. I plan on acquiring a bachelor’s degree in nursing science and along that journey cherish every moment; struggles and achievements, because after all we do learn from our mistakes. When I came across this scholarship