Mac and Cheese: Divorce Style Essay

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Homemade Macaroni: Divorce Style
In 2005 my parents split up. It was really hard at first, but as time went on I started finding more positive things about the breakup. They had both moved on and found happiness with other people, so I figured I mine as well learn to accept it. One of my favorite parts was having more family. My mom and dad both remarried and my family basically quadrupled within a year of their divorce. One memorable part of being a new member of a family is sharing new things, and one of my favorites was sharing recipes. Cooking seemed to be just what I needed to keep my mind off the heartache that my parents were never getting back together: My absolute favorite recipe came from my step mom. It is something she always has ready for me to eat when I come over and something that I have come to love to share with others. It is the best homemade macaroni and cheese recipe I have ever tasted, and I would love to share it with you.
Anytime you prepare anything you start with the same first few steps. The first thing I usually do is get out the utensils and ingredients that I will be using to cook with. It is pretty simple to make this macaroni and cheese so there is only a few things you need. You will need a large pot to boil water in, a colander to drain the pasta with, a large bowl to mix in, some additional spoons, a butter knife, and finally a pan to bake the macaroni in. The size pan I use is a nine by thirteen but your size depends on how much macaroni you decide to make. After getting the utensils, you need to get out your ingredients. The ingredients are as follows:

Sixteen ounces of elbow macaroni Two eggs Sixteen ounces of cottage cheese Sixteen ounces of sour cream At least six cups of grated cheddar cheese
Salt/pepper (to taste)
Pam and butter
(I always get the pre-grated cheese because it uses less time and it’s already measured out but if you prefer to grate yourself, you will need to add a cheese grater to your list of utensils.)
Now to start cooking! The first step to the actual process is to boil your water. To do this, take your pan and fill it half way with water. Put the pan on the stove and turn the burner below the pan to high. When the water starts boiling, which is when there are heavy bubbles being made in the water, pour the elbow macaroni out of the box and into the water. Stir the pasta and water a few times and then let it cook for ten to fifteen minutes, or until the pasta is cooked thoroughly and is soft to chew. While you are waiting for your pasta to boil you can skip ahead and do the next few steps. Take the bowl that you got out to mix with and empty the containers of cottage cheese and sour cream into the bowl. Next take the two eggs and crack them, using the side of the bowl, into the bowl, and throw the shells in the garbage. Take another spoon and mix these three ingredients around in the bowl, adding some salt and pepper, to taste. By this point your pasta should be tender. Put your colander in the sink then carefully take the pot off the stove and empty it into the colander so nothing is left in the