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1. This show will never get old, which is why I have chosen to set my production of Everyman in the present day in New York City. The city of New York is the symbol of America and the “American Dream.” I have tried to portray Everyman as generically as possible to truly enhance the nature of the character and so that the audience members can easily relate to him. In the environment of New York City, Everyman blends right into the crowd, unnoticed. The older language in contrast with the modern day setting also demonstrates the timeless nature of the show.


Messenger’s Monologue through God’s Exit
Blank stage
(Present Day)
The main character has not entered and these first few lines act like a prologue.
Everyman’s Entrance through Knowledge’s Entrance
New York City street
(Present Day)
New York City symbolizes the American Dream, so this opening will captivate the views.
Confession’s Scene
A Church
(Present Day)
This particular scene is the turning point in the play and has religious affiliation.
Confession’s Exit though Everyman’s Death
New York City street
(Present Day)
From the outside, New York still symbolizes the American way of living.
Everyman’s Death through the end of the show
A Graveyard
(Present Day)
Everyman’s death takes place at his grave. When other characters enter the scene after Everyman’s death, it will create the illusion of mourning at a grave.



Messenger Enters
Light violin playing
A light-hearted melody pairs well with the light-hearted character, while providing an older feel to the beginning of the play.
God Enters
A Somber Church Choir Song
The song should provide a holy feel, but because this play is not about God and his glory and rather deals with a depressing subject, it should sound sad.
Death Enters
3 Bell Tolls
Three bell tolls are the universal sign of death.
God and Death Meet
A Drum Beat like Jaws and speed up once they are closer.
The beat should indicate a serious meeting of extremes.
God Exits
Instant snare drum rolls, but washed out.
Death is left alone on stage and sets a dark tone.
Everyman Enters
“What hurts the most” Cascade
This song questions why we “live for” things that consistently let us down.
Fellowship Enters
“In The End” Linkin Park
This song demonstrates a sort of irony in how humans can be so wrapped up in relationships and, in the end; these relationships no longer exist or matter.
Fellowship Exits
Instrumental to “Fly” Nikki Minaj featuring Rihanna
(See Above)
Kindred and Cousin Enter
“Without You” David Guetta just the beginning
This familiar tune incorporates the “family” feel into the scene.
Goods Enters/Exits
“Money” by NSYNC
This song provides a comic relief for the overall serious tone of the play.
Good-Deeds Appears
Instrumental of “Love You More” Ginuwine
The song parallels the sweetness of the character.
Knowledge Enters
“Little Lion Man” by Mumford and Sons
This song has a very realistic message similar to the one that Knowledge gives to Everyman.
Confession Enters
Snare Drum: Soft
The beat sets a more serious tone after a brief comic relief.
Confession and Everyman Meet
Snare Drum Beat Continues Until Everyman Reaches Epiphany, Then Silence with an extreme cut off.
The serious tone/beat continues through the scene until Everyman comes to his climactic realization in the play. Dead silence afterwards adds to the dramatic effect.
Confession Exits
Snare Drum: Soft
Confession must remain a serious character throughout his entire performance until he exits the stage.
Strength, Discretion, Beauty and Five-Wits Enter
“Its my life” by Bonjovi
These characters help Everyman to discover who he is and realize who/what mattered in death and who/what did not. This song I feel
Beauty Exits
“Sex on Fire”- Beyonce
This song has a sexual connotation and, once again, provides a comic relief.
Strength Exits “The