Mac Cosmetic Marketing Planning Essay

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Marketing Planning Report
This report will be based on the organisation ‘MAC Cosmetics’. This report will cover recommendations to improve competitiveness of the company as well as looking over the current environment. To accomplish this a detailed PEST and SWOT analysis will be carried out and analysed. The identification of current target segments for the company will also be carried out and a marketing mix analysis will also be undertaken to see which elements of the mix are most relevant towards the identified target segments.
PEST & SWOT Analysis
Tax policies – MAC cosmetics is now sold in more than over 57 countries worldwide so shipping of products will need to be taken into account because of tax
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Once again having these different lines will target people from different backgrounds and lifestyles. Having celebrities as MACs models also set a standard for the organisation and targeting consumers from different income backgrounds as well. (

There are currently more than 100 locations of the company and although they could easily expand the company would prefer not to as they believe that in order to maintain high levels of quality and staying in control is the key to a successful organisation. MAC Cosmetics can be found in their very own stores or counters in outlets such as House of Fraser, Selfridges and Debenhams with all the other Make-Up counters. (
MAC Cosmetics gain their customers loyalty because of the funding they do and awareness they provide. Also the MAC artists/employees are trained to befriend the consumers almost in a way so the consumers will open up to them.
Also MAC caters for people with a variety of attitudes. Cosmetics is perceived to be something that only ‘girly girls’ are into but MAC has opened it up much wider and given much more of a variety for the consumers to identify with. Having different cosmetic lines continuously and celebrities and funding opens it up too all consumers. As these days it is very popular to have ‘being green’ products etc. People are