Macbeth: A True Tragic Hero

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The Tragedy of Macbeth, by William Shakespeare is a tragic play with characters that suit its depiction very well. When identifying a tragic hero, they must express various attributes about their character and their journey that they embark on. These include a rise to great power, a flaw in their character, a tragic downfall, and a realization of their grave mistake. The character must also arouse pity from the reader or audience, which is the main argument of whether Macbeth is a true tragic hero or not. Through these aspects of such, Macbeth is indeed a true tragic hero that comes to an abrupt, fatal downfall because of his ignorance and tendency to disregard key advice.
One of the aspects needed to portray as a tragic hero is the fact that
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Macbeth is primarily known as a pretty bad and cold hearted person. However, in the beginning of the text when he has just killed Duncan, he says, “But wherefore could not I pronounce “Amen”?/ I had most need of blessing, and “Amen”/ Stuck in my throat” (2.2.31-33). Obviously murdering someone is a very evil thing to do but the fact that he feels bad and regrets it in a way shows that he is not completely bad. He is an evil person, there is no doubt about it but he is not completely ruthless. Macbeth does change throughout the entirety of the play and becomes even more criminal than he once was. However, at the end of the play, he is still not entirely bad. When arguing with Macduff he says, “Of all men else I have avoided thee./ But get thee back. My soul is too much charged/ With blood of thine already” (5.8.4-6). When saying this he means that he is already guilty for killing Macduff’s whole family and does not want to have to kill him as well. This as well shows that his outlook on what he has done is bad and he feels terrible about it. Macbeth is clearly not a good person at all since he killed the king his best friend, and Macduff’s whole family. On the other side, feeling at least a little guilt shows that he is not a completely bad person either and the audience may find it in their …show more content…
His story begins with a rise to power and ends with a destined yet honorable death that simulates pity within the reader/watcher. When he eventually becomes king, he is destined to fail as told by the apparitions. His ignorance eventually leads him to his death as he completely disregards the apparitions and believes that they will never come true. However, when he reaches his doom to Macduff, he faces him with dignity as he will not submit to the feet of Malcomb. Macbeth is a ruthless and cold hearted being throughout the whole play, and even though he is very harsh and savagery, there is still room in each person’s heart to feel bad about his