Macbeth and Dunia Yousif Supernatural Essay

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Dunia Yousif
Supernatural Imagery
The Ghost of Banquo
• Illusion
The ghost of Banquo represents supernatural imagery because it was an illusion of his mind because when Lady Macbeth enters act 3 scene 4 it states within lines 88 to 90. (Read quote from book to class). Basically, Macbeth is telling Lady Macbeth that he sees the ghost of Banquo and she’s telling him that he’s being foolish for saying such things and it cannot be true. (Quote: act 3 scene 4 lines 75-77) Lady Macbeth was constantly telling Macbeth that it was just a hallucination and he’s just seeing “the ghost of Banquo” because he’s afraid just like when he saw the floating dagger (quote: act 3 scene 4 line 81-82). So, Lady Macbeth is telling him once he stops being so scared, he’ll realize he was just staring at a stool thinking it was the ghost of Banquo when it was just a stool. She makes him feel foolish in front of the guests.
• Guilty conscience
Another example of supernatural imagery is a guilty conscience because Macbeth killed his best friend all because he let his need for power take control of him. Macbeth’s guilt almost causes him to admit in front of the quests and Lady Macbeth that he was the murderer of Banquo. If it wasn’t for his guilty conscience, he would’ve never seen the ghost of Banquo. Macbeth knew he took it too far when it was too late. He realized that the need for power was not worth killing his best friend. Macbeth never thought he would do such horrible things to the people he cared about because he knew how much he would want to stay king. (Act 3 scene