Macbeth and Honorable Kinsmen Macbeth Essay

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William Shakespeare adds an aside in scene seven act one revealing the thoughts of Macbeth. As Macbeths inner devise thoughts of his decision whether to kill or not to kill King Duncan are exposed to the audience. Throughout the course of his thoughts Macbeth goes from present to future. With this being said Macbeth begins to weigh his options, the first being killing Duncan and becoming thane of Cawdor. Or Macbeth may let time decide when he shall become Thane however, causing conflict for multiple purposes. Initially, Macbeth wanted destiny to crown him king not his actions of murder to interfere with his crowning. However, learning about the heir to the thrown he quickly began to question the legitimacy of the witches prophesy and, his chances to become thane.
Throughout the aside Macbeth has to make a choice hence, Macbeth is having an argument of decision. For instance, from lines 16-24 Macbeth begins to evaluate the damaging act of the murder of King Duncan. Carefully analyzing the situation presented before him he disputes with himself and sees many faults with the assassination of the king. First being the possibility of being caught red handed in trying to kill the king would result in his beheading. Knowing the murder will be place on him, he must find a way to kill the king and lore the action to someone else and way from himself. However, because it is an argument that Macbeth is having he must explore both sides of the debate to kill or not to kill. Using motives against the murder based on the future, from proof of the present Macbeth is deciding to kill Duncan. For instance, Macbeth starts to give reasons why the murder of Duncan would be difficult morally in lines 12-15. To begin with Macbeth is King Duncan’s host. Extending his hand to Macbeth for only to be betrayed with thoughts of murder by Macbeth doesn’t seem noble or loyal at all, as he has been described to be. In addition, to the fact that Macbeth is Duncan’s Kinsman would evermore foul. As Macbeth has gained the kings trust with his service to only kill the king would contradicts his original trustworthiness. As a result being the honorable kinsmen Macbeth is he should be protecting the king of harm and let destiny crown him king,