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April Thomas
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30 November 2011
Macbeth Assignment Scene Summaries
Act 2
Scene 1: Banquo tells Macbeth that he dreamed of the three witches, but Macbeth lies and states that he has not thought about the witches. Sensing that Macbeth will kill Duncan, Banquo says that he will not sacrifice his personal integrity to become the father of many king, although if he can keep his conscience clear he will listen to Macbeth’s advice. When Lady Macbeth rings the bell, it’s to signal Macbeth that the coast is clear to murder Duncan. Alone and hallucinating, Macbeth reaches for his imaginary dagger which leads him towards Duncan’s door which guides him onto commit the murder.
Scene 2: Lady Macbeth has gotten the guards drunk and asleep. Macbeth returns to inform Lady Macbeth that he has murdered the King and informs her of how he couldn’t say “Amen” after Malcolm and Donalbain has prayed because this marks his separation from God. Lady Macbeth notices that he brought back the bloody daggers and instructs him to go back and smear the guards with the evidence. He refuses and she goes and does the dirty work herself.
Scene 3: Acting like nothing is wrong, Macbeth shows Macduff to the king’ chamber and begins talking to Lennox. Lennox tells Macbeth that there is something wrong with the world as if something bad has happened. Macduff re-enters and cries out that Duncan has been killed. Both Macbeth and Macduff go into the chamber to investigate and sound for Malcolm and Donalbain to come.