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July 2, 1962, marks the opening of the most successful corporation ever created. Sam Walton opened the first walmart in a town called Rogers in Arkansas USA. Walton’s strategy was to build walmart on unshakeable foundation of “The Lowest Prices Anytime, Anywhere”. In 1970
Walton saw the success of wal­mart in the US and decided to make walmart national, the most controversial decision ever made. Some might say wal­mart has been a success in their community but other don't agree with that. They believe that walmart has been brainwashing employes, buyers, and small businesses. small businesses are often manipulated into working with walmart because of walmart's overpowering success. Companies like, vlasic pickle, levis jeans, and nabisco are being financially forced to work with walmart to keep their business open. Vlasic pickle was founded by Frank Vlasic in 1942.Vlasic pickle was one of the top pickle producers for centuries. Walmart noticed prices were high to buy Vlasic pickle so they priced their pickles for less than $3.Thus forcing Vlasic Pickles to work with walmart to continue to make profit. The price of Vlasic’s gallon jar was priced at $2.97 way less than Vlasic’s prices before. As Pat Hunn said “Wal­mart was putting it before consumers, saying, This represents what Wal­mart is all about. You can buy a Stinkin’ gallon of pickles for $2.97. And it’s the nation’s number­one brand.” This is just one of the meany companies that walmart has taken over another example would be Levis Jeans. Levis Jeans was created in 1853 by Levi Strauss, an all american Jeans company. All of the clothing that Levis was producing were all hand made in the US. Levis were to expensive to afford for many people in the US, jeans ranged anywhere from $100 to $500. Meanwhile while walmart was offering jeans for $10 to $30. Levis jeans were losing profit thus asking walmart for partnership. Levis jeans was priced