Macbeth: Climate and School Sport Team Essay

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Tv Production In Tv production class second quater, we learned how to produce the LEHS AM news and
Annoucement show. The show is a morning show that talks about recent news that is happening in the school. They talk about the school sport team , clubs, weather ect... THEY also talk about what's happening in the world. It is just like CNN if you wanted to compare it to some tv news. This show is produced by LEHS students. In this class each day we learn different roles and each day you have do learn something that you didnt get to do or you don't knowhow to do. the roles we had to learn was Director, Switcher, Graphics, Audio, Teleprompter, Floor
Director, Camera 1,2, or 3, Anchor 1 or 2, Sport and Weather. Two roles of the news crew that I enjoyed the most was Weather and Camera. The job for a weather man is to make forecasts about the weather, it just like make predictions. We make short 7 Days forecasts concerning weather and climate patterns summerizing how hot, worm, worm, chilly, or cold it is. That's what we mostly do in here but what i enjoy about it was standing next to the blue screen seeing myself on the tv with the weather graphic on.It's so amazing. The Camera job is to get good shots, responding quickly to directions, making sure that the camera is focused and the shots are centered. i enjoyed it because it's the most easiest job and because we learned how to take the shots on the first quater so I dont have promblems with it.