Macbeth essay

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Macbeth Essay
By Jacobus Overgaauw

Suicide may be a selfish act but it is not an unacceptable one. Different people all see suicide differently. Suicide has a wide effect on family as well as friends. In the play Macbeth by Shakespeare there is a case of suicide that shows all of the issues of the touchy subject, suicide.

People often see the subject of suicide to be “taboo” or a “no go” area, generally something people just don’t like to talk about understandably. In the play Macbeth when Lady Macbeth died it was a time when nobody really knew what to say or do. Sometimes the best thing to do is to talk about these things and to speak out. In her suicide note there are a lot of things that had been bottled up inside, some things that if talked about may have stopped her from doing what she did. Some people just need someone to talk to but for others its much more as everyone is different.

When people decide to take their life a lot of them can have some kind of history relating them to having or having had a mental disorder. This can cloud your judgement and if it catches you at a bad time it may cause you to do something you may normally not. It’s fair to say that even if lady Macbeth didn’t have a mental disorder she had a personality of which wasn’t very level headed or rational. This is shown clear as day in how she constantly goads Macbeth into completing her dreams and ambitions though evil deeds by his hand. It shows how influential people if they so much to you, such as family, friends and loved ones.

The people around you and the people you