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How disrespectful behavior and displaying a negative attitude cause will missed opportunities in life? Well displaying a negative attitude and being disrespectful through your behavior can cause many people to miss opportunities. By doing that, you can cause yourself to miss many opportunities in your household, at school, outside of school, looking for a job, and even keeping a job. It can even cause you to be in places that you do not want to be in or should not have been in from the get go. I shall explain those in further detail in the rest of this essay.

Having disrespectful behavior and displaying a negative attitude or outlook on something can cause you to miss many household opportunities. When doing that, you mother or other siblings can or will look at you and turn you down. When that happens, this will cause a lost on precious family bonding time. After that happens, there tends to be a space or distance in the house between the one displaying the negative attitude towards other people or just on life in general and having a bad attitude and the people who reside in the home with him or her. Then it will no longer be considered a home, it will just be house with a bunch of people living in it.

The attitude and behavioral problem will also cause problems at school. By being disrespectful or having a negative attitude at school, no one will want to be friends with you. You will then be missing out on needed human to human interaction, causing social distress and that can cause mental instability. In other instances, the teachers and of office administrators will not permit you to go on field trips or to do things around the school because of the negative attitude that you display or the disrespectful behavior that you seem to possess and have no problem showing.
Once again, you’ll be missing out on much need student to student or teacher student interaction, which can also affect your grades in the school that you go to.

Displaying the negative attitude will get you in trouble outside of school. Say for instance, you just walked to the store to buy yourself a bag of Chester cheetah’s flaming hot Cheetos and a thirty two ounce can of lemon lime sprite to drink after you eat the bag of chips. As you are walking home, you look mean, showing off that negative attitude to some people as you pass by.
The people that you just did that to happens to be the neighborhood gang and they are very rambunctious and now you have just roweled them up with that attitude of yours. The begin walking behind you, then they begin running. Finally they make it up to you, beat you up leaving you with serious injuries, take your Cheetos and your sprite because you displayed a negative attitude towards them.

Having disrespectful behavior and displaying a negative attitude or outlook on something can cause you to miss many other opportunities such as looking for a job. You will find a place that is hiring, put in a application and just so happens, you get called in for a interview. You go in to the interview with a negative attitude. It will feel like a regular interview and the person will tell you that they will contact you as soon as a decision is made. As soon as you walked out of that person’s office, he or she will immediately begin to tear up, shred, or throw your file and application away because of the fact that you walked in to the interview with a negative attitude.
No boss wants to or will hire a person with a negative attitude, it just spells trouble, trouble, trouble. If you have disrespectful behavior to add on to the negative attitude, unless it’s a grill fest, or the job needs you to have that, which it will not, you will never get hired anywhere. Not even at a meat factory. They can not have you