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In the tragedy of Macbeth the witch’s prophecy is morally evil. Good and is reflected in the nature of each character. There alone are responsible for their motives and actions leading to either success or down fall. Discuss

Throughout the play each character shows characteristics that either brings them to greatness or to downfall. Shakespeare shows us each characters motives and action leads them to their final destiny. A prime example of this is the fearless solider Macbeth that wears his heart on his sleeve and protects his native land but then carry’s on to kill his king and friends. In Macbeth’s marriage he aspires to be the ‘perfect’ husband but both their vaulting ambition for the throne sets them apart as their strong characterises get in the way. As a solider Macbeth was a warrior he would turns battles on its head single headedly and take the rains as the greatest solider in Scotland. Macbeths closest friends with Duncan and Banquo but loses them his vaulting ambition for the throne.

The marriage between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth was based on being with each other when they needed them the most but as the play went on and the situation got messy they started to get selfish and forget about each other. Instead of being at the throne together in greatness their marriage became a collision course. The marriage got the bad that his partner took her life what wrecked the marriage was that they both got way too caught up in their own troubles that they forgot about each other’s which drove them apart.